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ShinAhn System offers the best quality, optimal delivery time, and
competitive cost. We are constantly innovating to provide equipment.

Welcome to ShinAhn System

ShinAhn System continuously develops and supplies related equipment to customers, based on its cutting edge technology and knowhow in manufacturing OLED equipment and transfer system.
In addition, all employees are committed to R&D of equipment and innovation of manufacturing processes to make sure that they are the best partners for their customers.
In particular, the following equipment groups are constantly innovating to provide the best quality, optimum delivery time, and competitive cost to customers.

  • LCD Inline transport system
  • OLED vacuum & N2 atmosphere transport system
  • OLED deposition & encapsulation system
  • OLED material sublimation system
  • Auto Clave
  • SiC CVD
  • Secondary battery

ShinAhn System promises to the customer that it will become the best provider with innovation and passion.

CEO Jeongsu Ahn